What are some of the key safety challenges in downstream?

The Oil & Gas industry in general is one of the most high-risk work environments. In the downstream segment, there are several safety challenges to consider specifically those pertaining to turnarounds, shutdowns and other major maintenance events.

One of the biggest safety challenges during turnarounds would be confined space safety management – how do you effectively monitor and ensure safety of personnel working in confined spaces where visibility is poor and potential for hazardous gas releases is high?

Other safety challenges in downstream include proper training and onboarding for contractors prior to turnarounds, tracking and access control for onsite personnel, hazardous gas monitoring, breathing air supply and management, emergency rescue including confined space and high angle rescues, perimeter monitoring and community protection.

What are the main opportunities you see in downstream?

The downstream industry is under enormous pressure to cut costs and increase productivity – in short, the main opportunity for downstream lies in improving Operational Excellence. Another way to put this is to provide solutions that maximize safety of onsite personnel while enhancing productivity and cost effectiveness.

This can be achieved through an effective implementation of networked digital technologies that can track, monitor and provide a host of services from one command center – we call this solution TeQ Shield.

How does this differ in different regions across the world?

While there are different levels of adaptation in different parts of the world, the trend is the same everywhere. Across the world, operators and refineries are looking to improve efficiencies without compromising on worker safety. A digitally connected safety monitoring and tracking system that monitors and tracks workers effectively is the first step to making it happen.

Key challenges and opportunities in downstream

Darrell Dowd

General Manager, Asia Pacific Downstream

Darrell Dowd is the General Manager, Asia Pacific and is based in Singapore . He comes with 30 years of experience in the oil and gas , petrochemical industry working in both owner/operator and contractor roles. Mr. Dowd has previously held positions such as VP Industrial Services Eastern Hemisphere and VP Americas. He has been instrumental in developing the industrial business around the globe and was responsible for the start-up of the USA business unit. Mr. Dowd’s expertise is major maintenance activities such as shutdowns, turnarounds and brown field expansion focusing on new technologies to improve safety, productivity and cost control.