Drones can be an extremely effective way of addressing some of the key challenges in an upstream environment. From potential delays and productivity issues that could cost clients millions of dollars in cost overruns to safety issues and emergency response planning that ensure safety of personnel, drones can be deployed to tackle a multitude of challenges effectively.

Some of the key benefits of using drones include:

  • Ability to gather higher quality data about plant assets
  • Opportunity to dramatically reduce the likelihood of safety incidents by eliminating the need for personnel to be present in certain high-risk environments
  • Elimination of the need for scaffolding or crane rental in tower inspections resulting in massive cost savings
  • Prevention of major delays and disruptions to the workflow through thermal scans that can identify issues before they become major problems
  • Millions of dollars in potential savings by avoiding penalties and identifying anomalies through visual and thermal inspections before they become a problem
  • Pipeline scans can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take for it be manually done ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency while avoiding exposure of personnel to dangerous environments

Our solutions include:

  • High definition photography
  • Video scans
  • Photogrammetry
  • LiDAR scan
  • Hyperspectral imaging

Why United Safety?

With over 30 years of turnaround safety experience combined with a partnership with Aerostar, a respected drone service provider, you can expect the most experienced and qualified personnel on the job. Scan results are interpreted and presented in a clear and prompt manner to aid fast track decision making.

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