Innovation is at the core of everything we do at United Safety. It is what allows the constant improvement of our current systems and processes, and the creation of new solutions for the challenges our customers face.

United Safety full-time research and development department focuses on regular consultancy with our customers to capture the challenges they face, results they would like to see and how our solutions can improve their existing processes.

Our innovations are utilized with great success in both onshore and offshore sectors of the upstream sector, helping to improve Oil and Gas safety. Whether it is by dramatically improving the methods and options of how we deliver breathing air, such as our low footprint air storage Air-Qube™ and Smart Pack™ or in our processes that can improve utilization of resources and productivity like QCycle™ , to state-of-the-art gas detection such as the Quazar™, ideal to protect communities living close to upstream facilities, we constantly strive to do things better, faster and safer.

If you have a specific challenge not already addressed here, do contact us to see how we can solve it together.

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