Project Billing

The United Safety Difference

United Safety has set a new industry benchmark with the implementation of Onsite Financial Administrator (OFA) personnel who meet with our customers’ finance department prior to the turnaround as part of Needs Assessment phase. The Onsite Financial Administrator reports in both directions. They are aligned with the customers’ key decision makers to ensure daily billing is accurate.

  • Cost tracking in real time
  • Clear, coded properly, no back-end billing
  • Tailored to client billing system
  • Monitors and controls the change order process

Once the turnaround has begun, United Safety onsite leadership audits OFA reports for accuracy prior to them being submitted to our customers, ensuring that our customers have no errors to investigate. As well, United Safety onsite leadership meets with the same finance department during the turnaround itself to verify OFA effectiveness.

United Safety’s Onsite Finance Administrators play a critical role in ensuring that we control our costs and communicate accurate, timely invoicing to our client.

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United Safety lets your people concentrate on their core focus turnaround activities while we deliver high quality, enthusiastic training from people who do it for a living.

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