Continuous Cycle Improvement

Continuous Cycle Improvement

Continuous Cycle Improvement

Ensure a continuous cycle of improvement within the dynamic ‘Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief’ framework.

In the ‘Plan’ phase, emphasis is on proper planning to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated, managed and organized for a project.

The ‘Brief’ phase focuses on implementation and execution of the operations according to standards that have been set.

The ‘Execute’ phase is essential to confirm, measure and audit progress.

Lastly, the ‘Debrief’ phase suggests remedial actions required to improve performance.

OSIMS™ continuous cycle of improvement

In short, this framework ensures that all actions are well planned, properly implemented, constantly monitored and progressively improved.

Our industry is dynamic, huge changes in the last 2 years

New regulations, new lessons learned

Because the industry is ever changing, United Safety can be the long term partner to help manage this.

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