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QRA for drilling and well testing activities using CFD dispersion modeling

United Safety successfully conducted dispersion modeling that mapped satellite topography data from a 1-arcsecond (750 m2) grid resolution into a QRA that identified the largest risk sources and determined practical solutions to make well operations safer.

Onshore Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) Flyer

Understanding risk is the first step to managing it. United Safety has a comprehensive range of onshore Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRAs), Facility Siting, Building Risk Assessments, Dispersion Modeling and Explosion Modeling solutions that can help you identify risks as well as strategies to mitigate and manage them.

Offshore Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) Flyer

Working in an offshore environment comes with inherent risks. The better these risks are understood, the more effective the efforts will be at minimizing them. United Safety can provide QRAs for any oil platforms, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units, and other offshore assets.

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