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Air Quality Test Kit

The P41-R is an air quality sampling kit that enables the control of impurities in compressed breathing air.


Designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed.


This fill station from Scott Safety can simultaneously charge two breathing air cylinders while two cylinders are being exchanged on the outside of the chamber, speeding up the refilling process.

Hose Reel

This Hose Reel is made of metal and is used for storing 300psi, 100 ft-1/4” hose.

Air Blower

The Air Blower is designed to keep your site clear from accumulation of hazardous gases and vapors.

Bauer K20-D

A reliable and robust diesel-powered compressor capable of charging both cascade airline breathing systems and cylinders for portable breathing apparatus.

Air TreQ™ Transit

The Air TreQ™ Transit is a portable spare cylinder designed for in transit situations where space is limited.

Confined Space Monitoring System – TeQ Shield™ Guardian Flyer

This brochure will give you details on TeQ Shield™ Guardian, a system that combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication and access control to create an effective solution for confined space monitoring.

Air TreQ™ Blinder Flyer

In our years of experience in turnaround safety, we have identified a frequent requirement to provide both breathing air and power tools for short-duration projects such as blinding. Depending on worksite location, the setup for these tasks can take a significant amount of time and resources, reducing productivity. That is why United Safety developed the Air TreQ™ Blinder.

Air TreQ™ Escape Flyer

This Air TreQ™ Escape system is designed to provide personnel with breathing air and mobility, to ensure safe evacuation from muster point to safe zone during an emergency.

MGC Pump

This Multi Gas Clip (MGC) Pump is a hardworking, hand held portable gas detection meter.


The battery-operated wireless MeshGuard gas detection monitor is a key building block of the MeshGuard intelligent network of connected sensors for gas detection in industrial safety applications.

Colorimetric Gas Detection Pump and Tubes

RAE Systems colorimetric gas detection tubes enable quick, on-the-spot measurement of a wide range of toxic and combustible gases and vapors.


One-to-five gas wireless monitor which is ideal for HazMat and other emergency response monitoring programs.

Gas detection monitoring system for community protection in Saudi Arabia

United Safety implemented a real-time gas detection monitoring system to ensure the protection of a community located near a drilling work site. We proposed the Quazar™, our innovative real-time gas monitoring solution. The community was continuously monitored ensuring prompt emergencies response.

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