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Bauer K20-D

A reliable and robust diesel-powered compressor capable of charging both cascade airline breathing systems and cylinders for portable breathing apparatus. It is equipped with Programmable Logic Controller display that controls the compressor functions.

Breathing Air Delivery Systems for Cold Weather Applications

United Safety supported 10 projects within 4 industrial plants at peak cold weather temperatures in Canada. The challenge was to ensure a consistent source of breathing air supply for the end user and decrease work interruptions caused by breathing air refilling and hoarding/heating during cold weather. We proposed different configurations of “fill on the fly” breathing air supply that does not require hoarding/heating in cold weather, and positively impacted productivity and user confidence on equipment during winter projects.

Blowout Contingency Plan with a tiered Incident Command Structure for a large Carbon sequestration project

United Safety worked with the client, a supplier of integrated project management solutions to produce response plans and operational flowcharts of different scenarios that adhered to industry best practices to address eventualities of a Blowout scenario in a large Carbon sequestration project.

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