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Oil Review Africa

Oil Review Africa magazine published an article describing United Safety’s successful operations in Angola and Congo (Brazzaville). The two countries are among the top five oil producers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The article includes a case study of the company’s project experience in Congo providing HSE supervision for a major IOC. Discover how United Safety resolved the operator’s pain points through efficient HSE supervision and project management.

An insight into United Safety – The Roughneck

The Roughneck magazine interviewed Shayne McCallum, Vice President Canada at United Safety. They discussed how and why the company was founded and how it operates now. They went on to talking about how United Safety listens to customer feedback and uses it to come up with safety innovations. The conversation ends with a brief description of United Safety’s most recent innovation, TeQ Shield™ Guardian confined space monitoring solution.

Sophia Software Integrates Turnaround Management Systems – Oilfield Technology

The Oilfield technology featured the launch of United Safety’s Sophia software during ADIPEC 2015 in their online magazine. Sophia helps plant managers efficiently allocate resources during turnarounds, and can also be a permanent solution to manage safety in a facility.

United Safety’s new TeQ Shield to be unveiled – Pipeline Magazine

The article features United Safety’s presence at ADIPEC 2015, focusing specially on the launch of TeQ Shield.

Gas safety solutions – World Pipelines Magazine

This 3-page feature article came out in the October 2015 issue of World Pipelines magazine. In this article, Mike Gilbert, our Vice President for the Middle East, talks about the latest in gas safety solutions such as the world’s first Vehicle Gas Protection System (VGPS) – called the Air Qruise™. He also introduces a line of Manual Mobile Breathing Air Systems (MMBAS) that the company developed to respond to the need for lightweight mass breathing air storage systems.

United Safety Presents innovative well integrity software – Macaé Offshore

The article features the launch of Quest™ Wellhead at OTC Brasil 2015 and explains how the software can provide clear visibility on well integrity conditions to help set well maintenance priorities.

United Safety Launches new tool for well integrity management at OTC Brazil – Petronotícias

Petronotícias announced United Safety’s launch of Quest™ Wellhead, a new well integrity management software, at OTC Brasil 2015. The article mentions how the software helps define well maintenance priorities.

United Safety at ADIPEC 2015

Pipeline Magazine put together a supplement in October with a preview of new equipment being launched at ADIPEC.

United Safety Launches Confined Space Innovation – Worksite News

The article discusses the challenges of confined space work, and how United Safety’s new innovation launched at the Global Petroleum Show 2015, the TeQ™ Shield, helps solve them. The TeQ™ Shield is a confined space monitoring solution that combines video surveillance, two-way communication, continuous gas detection and access control.

New Confined Space Technology, First in Canada – GPS Show Daily

The GPS Show Daily was the publication circulating the show floor at the Global Petroleum Show 2015. The launch of the TeQ™ Shield confined space monitoring technology made it to the cover. With interviews from Lee Whittaker (CEO), Tim Wallace (EVP Americas) and Shayne McCallum (VP for Canada), the article gives an overview of this new innovation.

Monitoring System Makes Confined Spaces Safer

The article talks about solving confined space safety challenges through technology. It gives a brief overview of our latest innovation, the TeQ™ Shield, a confined space monitoring solution that allows visibility and control of all the confined space work happening during a turnaround.

Confined space safety redefined– BIC Magazine

The article discusses the challenges of confined space, and how they can be overcome with technology. One such technology is the TeQ™ Shield, a confined space monitoring solution that combines video surveillance, two-way communication, continuous gas detection and access control.

Ehsan Uddin talks to Middle East Oil & Gas on Occupational Health – Oil and Gas Middle East

The article talks about Occupational Health as an important part of companies’ health and safety culture. Ehsan Uddin, MScA, CRSP, United Safety’s Lead Industrial Hygienist, was part of the subject matter experts interviewed for the article.

Driving Out of Danger – Oilfield Technology Magazine

This feature article came out in the April 2015 issue of Oilfield Technology Magazine. Andy Kveps is featured along with other subject matter experts on Marine Seismic, Drilling Fluids, Completions, Downhole Tools, Pumping Technology, Mooring, Offshore Pipeline Services, Communications and Safety. In this article, Andy Kveps introduces the Air Qruise™ Electro-Ex, a new electric car designed to keep Oil and Gas workers safe and mobile.

Mobile Unit Makes Short-Duration Tasks in Turnarounds Safer, More Efficient – HSE Now

The article discusses the frequent bottleneck of short-duration jobs during turnarounds and how United Safety’s innovation, the Air TreQ™ Blinder, tackles this issue. The Blinder is a mobile unit that simultaneously provides both breathing air and air to be used by pneumatic tools, and dramatically reduces setup time.

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