Service Line: Downstream

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Key coaching services include:

  • Working at Height Coaching – Fall protection and best practices for personnel working at heights
  • Energized Systems Coaching – Lock Out and Tag Out (aka LOTO) System to ensure a safe work practice when people work with an energy source
  • Fire Safety Coaching – Understanding the dynamics of fire to prevent and deal with an incident
  • Toxic Gases detection and protection coaching Lifting Operations Coaching – Best practices
  • Confined Spaces Coaching – Best practices for monitoring and rescuing personnel in confined spaces
  • Management of Change
  • Permit to Work – A step-by-step guide to global standards of task planning and performance coaching
  • Excavation Safety Coaching – Best practices for people in excavation
  • Simultaneous Operations – Best practices on managing Simultaneous Operations
  • Coaching Hazard Evaluation Coaching – Understanding hazards and best practices in control, mitigation and prevention