TeQ Shield™ Tracker - Real Time Location System (RTLS)

The TeQ Shield™ Tracker uses Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) to provide a range of safety and productivity enhancing applications.

The TeQ Shield™ Tracker is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective and versatile tracking system that can be customized to your exact requirements.

How does it work?

The RTLS product utilizes a combination of personnel badges and ultra-wide band sensors to identify the location of each person to within a few feet.  The underlying software is used to create geofences and business rules with associated badge alerts and reports.  Our real-time location system (RTLS) leverages instantaneous positioning technologies:

  • Active Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for real-time monitoring.
  • Tracking.
  • Locating and managing your personnel and assets from a central point.

RFID offers positioning by using radio waves to wirelessly transmit the location. UWB imparts precise indoor positioning with less than one-meter accuracy through short-range radio technology. This helps our clients improve both safety and productivity in these environments.

TeQ Shield™ Tracker has a broad range of applications across several industries. Below are some key applications of the TeQ Shield™ Tracker :

RTLS Personnel Tracking

Real-time Personnel Tracking

One-stop solution for all your personnel tracking and monitoring requirements.

Your workers are onsite but are they in the work area or in the rest area? There’s a bottle neck onsite – what’s causing it? These are just some of the insights you can uncover with our real-time personnel tracking services.

From badge-in to badge-out, you can now track all your workers in real-time and pinpoint their exact location through real-time personnel tracking.

RTLS Emergency Mustering

Efficient Emergency Mustering

In an emergency, every second counts. Our real time location services ensure that every onsite worker can be located and rescued efficiently as needed. Mustering drills are mandatory on sites and take place frequently. The RTLS Tracker ensures that mustering drills are conducted efficiently reducing downtime during work.

RTLS Effective geo-fencing

Effective geo-fencing

No more accidents caused by the wrong person at the wrong place.

Unauthorized workers at restricted areas can pose a significant safety risk. With Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), geo-fences can be set up to create restricted zones.

RTLS Asset Tracking

Real-time Asset Tracking

Do you know exactly where every asset and tool in your inventory is at any given point of time, who it is being used by and how long it has been in use? TeQ Shield™ Tracker can track and monitor all your assets in real time ensuring maximum usage and minimum down time. The result? Maximum asset utilization, minimum asset misuse and an overall optimization of processes.

RTLS Social Distance and Contact Tracing

Maintaining social distance and contact tracing at the worksite

The same real-time location system (RTLS) technology is being applied in the current crisis to reduce the risk of the virus spreading through workplaces.  This contact tracing procedure allows companies to confidentially identify and inform employees who may have been exposed to the infected worker without requiring personally identifiable information. 

Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS) - Real-time Forklift & Vehicle Tracking

Real-time Forklift & Vehicle Collision Avoidance

Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS)

Forklift collisions and collisions with trucks, cranes and other onsite vehicles is a common cause of onsite incidents. The Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS) is designed to tackle this challenge.

The VPASS can be configured on forklifts, cranes, big trucks and any other vehicles which could pose a potential threat to workers onsite.

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