About Lee

Lee Whittaker is the President and Chief Executive Officer of United Safety and is based out of the global headquarters in Airdrie, Canada. Lee is a founder of the company which was established in 1987, and his vision and guidance have been a driving force in growing the business from a start-up to establishing it as a global leader.

His vision to create safe zones in high risk environments with unwavering commitment to provide top-quality service and equipment has served the company well and is a major contributor of the company’s success. Lee plays a critical role in overseeing key aspects of the business including Operations, Consulting, Sales, Field Management, Quality, and Innovation.  His 40 years’ experience in safety and especially pertaining to H2S gas and Breathing Air makes him a highly sought advisor to customers worldwide to solve some of their most difficult situations in dangerous environments.

Mr. Whittaker was a previous finalist in the “Entrepreneur of The Year” by Ernst and Young, a prestigious award for leaders who have transformed innovative ideas into viable, sustainable enterprises, creating jobs and building thriving communities. This prestigious honour was motivated by meeting the E&Y threshold “showing tremendous focus and strength of character, these leaders have successfully taken their businesses to the next level”.