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Industrial Rescue Services Flyer

When executing critical activities your safety demand increases. Your in-house rescue team may need support to carefully plan and ensure work is done safely and emergencies are properly dealt with. United Safety Industrial Rescue Services cover Confined Space and High Angle rescue operations and encompass equipment, personnel and processes necessary to perform rescue and emergency response in industrial and upstream environments in a safe and timely manner.

High quality air system to reduce work interruptions

Provided high quality air system to reduce work interruptions and streamline bottle monitoring during a Turnaround.

Implemented a High Pressure Breathing Air to eliminate breathing air logistical challenges.

Eliminate logistical challenges and risk related to breathing air delivery and refilling systems while improving inventory management.

High Pressure Air System, leadership personnel to guide end-users and a dispatch system to ensure efficient equipment utilization.

Overall a very successful turnaround with reduced incident rates and logistic issues.

Rescue Planning Operations for Vertical Column Work

United Safety developed safe work practices and performed rescue planning operations for vertical column work as part of the turnaround activities in an offshore platform in Angola. We also developed a confined space simulator to ensure all team members were trained in proper entry and rescue procedures.

Ensuring safe and on-time operations with the help of certified Emergency Response Personnel.

Due to the unavailability of qualified local personnel to support a facility, United Safety provided high-angle and confined space instructors to locally train an emergency response team, as well as sourcing all specialized rescue kits. This resulted in smooth, safe and effective activities without any delays caused by safety equipment or personnel.

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