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Sophia Software Integrates Turnaround Management Systems – Oilfield Technology

The Oilfield technology featured the launch of United Safety’s Sophia software during ADIPEC 2015 in their online magazine. Sophia helps plant managers efficiently allocate resources during turnarounds, and can also be a permanent solution to manage safety in a facility.

QCycle™ Brochure

Date: December, 2014
Description: This brochure describes how an efficient Safety Asset Management process, encompassing onsite safety equipment maintenance, centralized distribution and dispatch, and precise tracking and billing of onsite
safety services can help achieve safety goals as well as productivity gains.

Project Billing Differentiator

United Safety’s Onsite Finance Administrators play a critical role in ensuring that United Safety controls its costs and that we communicate accurate and timely invoicing to our client.

Effective cost control during turnarounds through daily billing and status updates

Client faced a major issue with cost control, back billing, delayed invoicing and inflated equipment rental expenses during past TAs. We provided an Onsite Financial Controller to communicate on a daily basis with client’s financial team, delivering timely billing and cost control.

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