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Enhanced shutdown safety standards in a Processing Plant in Iraq

Discover how United Safety’s highly qualified personnel deployed innovative breathing air and gas
detection equipment, and extensively trained the local workforce to improve shutdown safety in a plan in Iraq.

High quality air system to reduce work interruptions

Provided high quality air system to reduce work interruptions and streamline bottle monitoring during a Turnaround.

Implemented a High Pressure Breathing Air to eliminate breathing air logistical challenges.

Eliminate logistical challenges and risk related to breathing air delivery and refilling systems while improving inventory management.

High Pressure Air System, leadership personnel to guide end-users and a dispatch system to ensure efficient equipment utilization.

Overall a very successful turnaround with reduced incident rates and logistic issues.

Rescue Planning Operations for Vertical Column Work

United Safety developed safe work practices and performed rescue planning operations for vertical column work as part of the turnaround activities in an offshore platform in Angola. We also developed a confined space simulator to ensure all team members were trained in proper entry and rescue procedures.

Establishing a national recruitment program within the first six months of project operation.

United Safety established a national recruitment program with an efficient transition program within the first six months of project operations in Brazil. We recruiting sufficient amount of national workers of relevant background and involved incumbent personnel to conduct intensive training and mentoring, achieving 60% local content at project launch and 100% within six months.

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