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Rescue Planning Operations for Vertical Column Work

United Safety developed safe work practices and performed rescue planning operations for vertical column work as part of the turnaround activities in an offshore platform in Angola. We also developed a confined space simulator to ensure all team members were trained in proper entry and rescue procedures.

Establishing a stringent process of training and selection

When concerns arose over staffing of inexperienced safety personnel as Safety Watch for a turnaround, United Safety devised a stringent process of selection, testing, training and recruitment to pick the best personnel for the job. We achieved a successful candidate selection process, and the client was impressed by the number of experienced safety watch personnel.

Creating an equipment maintenance system with minimum lost tool time.

In order to ensure an efficient system where workers have the safety equipment they require with minimum lost tool time, United Safety created an onsite dispatch team who rig-in safety equipment when required and rig-out the equipment once the job is complete. The result was decreased lost tool time and reduced inventory of safety equipment.

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