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Solved challenges of operating in sour gas fields with a Vehicle Gas Protection System

See how United Safety developed the Air Qruise™ Trooper to provide protection for personnel working or transiting through potentially toxic environments, and ensure their safe evacuation in the event of a toxic gas release.

Enhanced shutdown safety standards in a Processing Plant in Iraq

Discover how United Safety’s highly qualified personnel deployed innovative breathing air and gas
detection equipment, and extensively trained the local workforce to improve shutdown safety in a plan in Iraq.

H2S safety services and a full range of breathing air systems for drilling programs

Provided H2S safety services, training and a full range of breathing air systems to support the client’s drilling programs in South Africa and mitigate risks during drilling operations into high pressure H2S reservoirs and open water exploration in offshore drilling rigs with a high concentration of H2S.

Importing, installing and operating a brand new range of H2S and CO2 safety services on 10 offshore rigs in Brazil

United Safety’s quality equipment was deployed at project start up along with an aggressive nationalization development program, meeting timelines set out by customer to install and operate H2S and CO2 Detection and Protection Systems on 10 rigs, offshore in Brazil while simultaneously developing a competent local content of 60%.

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