United Safety launches Sophia software that integrates turnaround management systems at ADIPEC

10 November 2015

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – At this year’s ADIPEC, United Safety, a safety solutions company that has been bringing revolutionary safety products and services to the Oil and Gas industry, will offer a new product that aims to integrate fragmented turnaround management systems into one.

“Across the globe, United Safety has served 789 turnarounds. We know from experience that it is a pain for plant managers and owners to deal with the time-consuming task of permitting, access validation and document management,” says Dr. Elie Daher, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of United Safety.

Designed to serve as a one-stop solution for permit-to-work, access validation, document management, checklists management and collision detection, this software will help plant managers efficiently allocate resources during turnarounds.

In a case study recently published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Giacomo Ciccone, Manager, Information Technology Department of United Safety explains that the software plans and controls thousands of work permits, organized by job locations, types of work, contractors, originators, approvers, company supervisors and schedule. It can also manage work permit journals for electrical, confined space or ionizing radiation work. The aim was to help speed up plant time access and optimize contracting costs.

“To do this, the software allows authorized users to improve permit-to-work processing time including tracking, recording, and release by distributing workload across multiple servers. The software can be installed on various computer operating systems to work with a range of workstations. This allows authorized users from different worksites to do simultaneous sessions,” explains Ciccone. “Through flexible rules, it also allows a consistent and reliable match between the skills and competency level required for the job and the workers who meet the criteria,” he adds.

Sophia is ideal for plant managers who need to have a connected business intelligence platform that provides new plant operation insights. The software also manages access control, bill books, legal requirements, operations management documents, and safety forms.

Download the Sophia brochure and learn other safety innovations and processes in the United Safety library of technical papers and case studies by visiting www.unitedsafety.net.

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