The right person at the right place with the right tools is a winning combination and every project manager’s dream. Unfortunately, the reality is that all too often, workers end up with a wrong tool or a poorly maintained one and tools go missing. The result is increased costs and reduced productivity.

At United Safety, there are several solutions in our portfolio to optimize tool usage and help address tool-related issues.


To ensure that tools are always in prime condition, we have an onsite QAQC facility known as the QCycle™ . The QCycle™ turns around tools to ensure that they are thoroughly disinfected, calibrated, and ready for use. This results in numerous benefits. Instills confidence and improves productivity in workers as equipment is well maintained and thoroughly disinfected. Lowers cost as less equipment is needed since it is turned around faster and more efficiently. Read More

TeQ Shield™ Hub

TeQ Shield Hub is an onsite, one-stop, automated, tool tracking and inventory management system. When a worker needs a safety tool or breathing air, he simply uses his badge to rent the safety tools he needs and returns them when he’s done. This reduces the number of onsite personnel required resulting in cost reductions and improved efficiencies. Read More

TeQ Shield™ Tracker

Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS) and Personnel Tracking

Lost tools contribute to increased cost and inefficiencies. To ensure that they are continuously tracked and easily located, tools can be equipped with ‘tags’ that are easily monitored through our RTLS solution. This effectively puts an end to lost tools once and for all. Read More

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