Real Time Location System (RTLS) has been revolutionizing safety for the Oil & Gas industry in recent years. Here are nine ways in which RTLS can positively impact safety in your organization.

Real time tracking, real time benefits

RTLS Collision Prevention

1. Collision Prevention

In 2019, 79 fatalities and 8,140 incidents were caused by forklifts on the work site. RTLS can prevent forklift incidents by alerting forklift drivers and onsite workers when they are too close.  

RTLS Real-time Personnel Tracking

2. Real-time Personnel Tracking

From badge-in to badge-out, workers’ location can be tracked in real time to ensure their safety.  

RTLS Geo-fencing

3. Geo-fencing

When workers try to enter restricted areas that they don’t have authorization to enter, an alert is raised and corrective action can be taken. 

RTLS Rapid Mustering

4. Rapid Mustering

In an emergency, all personnel are immediately accounted for and mustering can be carried out effectively.   

RTLS Lone Worker Monitoring

5. Lone Worker Monitoring

All lone workers can be monitored in real-time for additional safety. In emergency situations, the required help can be provided as required.       

RTLS Pandemic Safety

6. Pandemic Safety

RTLS can help you ensure that onsite staff maintain 2 feet distance between them by alerting the individuals when the 2-meter distance is breached. RTLS can also provide detailed contact tracing reports to limit the spread of infection onsite.     

RTLS Improved Asset Tracking

7. Improved Asset Tracking

RTLS helps to eliminate retrieval time and reduces lost, stolen and misplaced assets.    

RTLS Maintenance Tracking

8. Maintenance Tracking

Reduce downtime and optimize maintenance flow with real-time tracking.     

RTLS Vehicle Tracking

9. Vehicle Tracking

Improve workflow, optimize utilization and routes and reduce fleet operation costs.    

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