Access control is a critical aspect of security management in any industry, and this is especially true in industrial and oil and gas settings. The importance of access control in these industries cannot be overstated as they often deal with hazardous materials and equipment that can pose a serious risk to workers and the environment if not properly handled.

In the past, access control systems in industrial and oil and gas settings were typically limited to manual check-ins and security personnel monitoring entry points. However, with the advancement of technology, real-time location systems (RTLS) solutions have emerged as a reliable and efficient way to manage access control in these settings.

RTLS solutions utilize various technologies such as RFID, GPS, and Wi-Fi to track the location of people and assets in real-time. This enables organizations to monitor access points, track personnel movements, and control access to sensitive areas through geofencing.

One key advantage of RTLS solutions is the ability to set up geofenced areas around critical infrastructure such as machinery, high-risk activity areas like confined space entries and hazardous material storage areas. The system can detect when an unauthorized person enters a geofenced area and alert security personnel or automatically trigger access controls to prevent access.

In addition, RTLS solutions can also be integrated with other security systems such as video surveillance and alarms to provide a more comprehensive security management system. The ability to track personnel movements and assets in real-time also enables organizations to quickly respond to emergency situations such as fires or gas leaks.

Another benefit of RTLS solutions is the ability to generate detailed reports on personnel movements and access control activities. These reports can be used to analyze security vulnerabilities and improve security measures.

In conclusion, RTLS-based access control and geofencing solutions have emerged as a reliable and efficient way to manage access and enhance worker safety in industrial and oil and gas settings. For a detailed report on how real time solutions and other digital safety technologies are revolutionizing the industry, download your free copy of the 2023 digital safety trends report here.