There are hundreds of onsite personnel who work in an Industrial facility daily. How do you keep track of these workers while ensuring their safety and improving their productivity?

TeQ Shield™ Tracker from United Safety uses RTLS to do just that. It is designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern Industrial plant. The result is a safer and more productive workplace for all.

How does it work?

Every onsite worker is provided with a tag that identifies his/ her exact location in real time. This means that every single person is accounted for from the time he/ she enters the site till the time he/ she exits.

There are numerous ways in which RTLS can be applied in an industrial facility. Key applications of TeQ Shield™ Tracker in personnel tracking include:

  • Quicker mustering: Even the most efficient paper-based mustering system will take considerably longer than a digitized RTLS-based system. TeQ Shield™ Tracker provides real time updates on location of all workers. It ensures rapid electronic mustering of workers and highlights those still unaccounted for so rescuers can evacuate them immediately. 
  • Enables faster rescues: In an emergency, every second counts. In the event of a gas leak or incident, the location of the affected personnel can be pinpointed in real time and rescuers can get to them quickly. The tags can also be equipped with ‘Panic’ buttons. If the wearer becomes incapacitated or needs help, he can press the button to alert people in the monitoring room immediately.
  • Geofencing for restricted areas: Prevention is key to staying safe. One application of the TeQ Shield™ Tracker is to create geo fences or virtual ‘zones’ for personnel to stay within or away from. For example, if a tagged person attempts to enter a ‘restricted’ or dangerous zone, a response is automatically triggered, and the control room is immediately alerted.
  • Increase efficiency of workforce: By monitoring time spent in productive and non-productive areas, workflows can be optimized, and worker accountability and productivity can be enhanced. An analysis of the detailed data provided by TeQ Shield™ Tracker can be used to identify bottlenecks and suggest process improvements improving overall worker productivity.