United Safety’s Mike Gilbert, Vice-President for the Middle East is featured in the October 2015 issue of World Pipelines magazine.

The Oil and Gas industry has always been operating in challenging geographic conditions. These challenges often come with limited infrastructure, pressing timelines and the lack of skilled personnel. This article examines how experience and innovation are key to future efficiency and safety in extreme environments.

“The safety solutions of yesterday can become cumbersome and also at times prohibitive when combined with new strict safety regulations and standard operating procedures. Overcoming these new hurdles requires a team approach between the SMEs and the client to ensure that truly innovative ideas come to fruition and the boundaries of what we are capable of are continually expanded,” says Gilbert.

United Safety leverages its extensive expertise operating in extreme conditions. Focusing on creating new solutions, the company works with other service companies and operators around the globe to share the experience and drive innovation in the pursuit of more efficient ways of keeping our work teams safe. This critical approach rooted in collaboration has spawned the development of several new and game-changing products.

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