2014 SPE HSE Conference is off to a great start

The 2014 SPE International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment kicked off yesterday. The show is very well attended, around 1000 participants gathered to debate current HSE challenges. We received a number of visitors to our booth on the exhibition floor, looking to learn about our latest safety solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

Visit us at booth 317 at the exhibition floor

We also had our Industrial Rescue Manager, George Case, giving his presentation on “Safe Work Practices and Rescue Planning for Vertical Column Work During Turnaround: A Case Study”. With an excellent attendance of around 120 people, the presentation received great feedback.

Mr. Case walked the audience through one of the turnarounds we supported, which involved opening, cleaning, inspecting and repairing a column that was over 60 feet (18,2 m) high and three feet (0,9 m) in diameter. At the top of each of three packed sections of the column is an 18″ (45 cm) diameter man-way, which is the only entry point on the column, sitting on the corner of the offshore platform, 52 feet (15,8 m) above sea level.

Concerned about rescuing crew members in case of injury, the team used a mock-up structure as a simulator to devise and practice a safe rescue procedure prior to the turnaround. The simulator also provided the operator with staff training ground to prepare them for the work that was to be carried out inside the column, contributing to the timely completion of the turnaround.

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