On its first issue this year, Oil Review Africa magazine published an article describing United Safety’s successful operations in Angola and Congo (Brazzaville). The two countries are among the top five oil producers in Sub-Saharan Africa. In both countries, oil production comes almost entirely from offshore oil fields.

United Safety faced numerous challenges during the start up of operations in these countries, including equipment mobilization, the set up of a supply chain that complied with local content requirements, and the training and transition of local manpower into world-class HSE professionals.

To illustrate, the article includes a case study of the company’s project experience in Congo providing HSE supervision for a major IOC. When United Safety came in, the IOC was sufferring from insufficient HSE supervision for its hydrocarbon operations encompassing construction, drilling, and production. Core staff members were exhausted as their attention were stretched between important production activities and safety issues.

Discover how United Safety resolved these pain points to support the IOC’s operations in Congo through efficient HSE supervision and project management. Read the full article here.