TeQ Shield™ featured in leading industry magazines and columns

Since its launch at the Global Petroleum Show in June last year, the TeQ Shield™ has invaded industry publications and columns on safety. HSE Now, SPE’s new web- and app-based publication featured the TeQ Shield™ in October and again this month, as an innovative technology designed to do confined space monitoring.

Two other components of the TeQ Shield™ have also been introduced at ADIPEC 2015 such as the Bio and Therma. The TeQ Shield™ Bio is a system that can monitor vitals such as heart rate, breathing rate, and core body temperature of up to 64 workers simultaneously. TeQ Shield™ Therma, on the other hand, is an innovative temperature control system based on compressed-air technology.

“The oil price crisis may have brought down profits in the oil and gas industry, but it has intensified the drive to innovate and bring cost-efficient technologies to the market. Innovations such as these can effectively prevent workplace injuries such as heat stress and heat stroke while increasing productivity,” says Elie Daher, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of United Safety.

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