Ehsan Uddin talks to Middle East Oil & Gas on Occupational HealthUnited Safety’s Lead Industrial Hygienist Ehsan Uddin, MScA, CRSP, was recently interviewed by Middle East Oil & Gas Reporter Slavka Atasanova for his take on Occupational Health.

The article came out as part of the magazine’s HSSE supplement in May 2015, shining a light on the companies, people and initiatives improving HSSE standards in the Middle East region’s Oil and Gas industry.

The HSSE 2015 Handbook is dubbed as an essential reading for health and safety professionals in the industry. In the article, Ehsan Uddin emphasizes that higher levels of control are needed when serious health hazards are present.

Uddin also mentions the use of technological innovations that improve protection factors and cites the hierarchy of controls, which states that engineering controls should always come first, procedural control second with protective equipment taking the last place.

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