VulQan™ Auto Ignition System

New regulations responding to accidents with uncontrolled blowouts brought more strict drilling procedures to be applied when operating critical wells (high pressure and sour), especially when they are located close to populated areas. “As oil and gas demand grows, operations expand and distance to inhabited areas decreases. Community protection measures are key to ensuring a holistic approach to safety in the Oil and Gas industry” said Elie Daher, Executive Vice President of United Safety. Companies have to prepare Emergency Response Plans and have specific measures in place to be able to safely operate critical wells.

One such measure is a well ignition system that ensures swift response to well blowouts. When sour gas begins to escape to the surface, depending on environmental conditions, it can quickly reach nearby communities. It is therefore vital that the gas is ignited before reaching toxic levels and spreading to the surroundings. To respond to this need, United Safety’s Innovations Team developed the VulQan™.

The VulQan™ well ignition system is designed for blow out control of critical well operations. United Safety is the first integrated safety services company in the world to develop and offer this technology directly to our customers as part of a full safety package for critical H2S operations, reducing cost and logistic challenges.

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