2014 SPE International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment

United Safety will be present at the 2014 SPE International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment from March 17th to 19th.

This is SPE’s flagship HSE event, and it will highlight HSE best practices and debate current industry challenges in over 200 technical presentations, special events and networking opportunities. It will bring together over 1200 HSE professionals working in the Oil and Gas sector. With the theme “the journey continues”, attendants will discuss what lies ahead for the industry, addressing topics like growing risk trajectory, tightening regulations, crisis management and managing for major incidents.

Managing for major incidents is a complex process which covers investigation, prevention, as well as planning the emergency response to be executed to keep all personnel safe in the event of accidents.

Emergency response is in fact the topic chosen by George Case (Industrial Rescue Manager at United Safety) for his presentation “Safe Work Practices and Rescue Planning for Vertical Column Work During Turnaround: A Case Study” scheduled for the 17th of March at 4:40pm. In it you will not only learn best practices for entry and rescue in confined vertical spaces, but you will also take back to your organization a framework for devising optimal emergency response and rescue planning and understand how taking the time to evaluate safety requirements of each project can save lives.

Visit United Safety at booth 317 on the exhibition floor. For more information, click here