Airdrie, Alberta, Canada – On November 7, 2013, United Safety turned over a donation of CAD 20,000 to Airdrie Food Bank, a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food to those in need. The organization is currently raising funds to build a purpose-built facility to respond to the growing needs of the community.

The new Food Bank building, which is currently under construction, will not only provide food support, it will also provide skills needed to enable people to make the best use of their food hampers.

Airdrie Food Bank
United Safety’s Daryl Helmer, CFO and Shayne MacCallum, VP for Canada presented a cheque to Airdrie Food Bank’s Board President, Lise Blanchette and Treasurer, Tolan Chapman on Thursday, November 7, 2013 to help build a new facility. United Safety supports the Airdrie Food Bank’s move from providing emergency food to asset building in their clients.

The Airdrie Food Bank does an incredible job in this community,” said Shayne McCallum, Vice-President for Canada at United Safety. “We are delighted to be able to help them acquire a building that is better aligned with their needs and we are especially happy to hear about their plans for a Community Kitchen,” McCallum added.

United Safety supports the Food Bank’s move from providing emergency food to asset building in their clients. The Community Kitchen will be open to everyone in the community. To enhance sustainability, the Airdrie Food Bank plans to rent the facility to businesses and caterers. It will also serve as a venue for program participants to connect with others in the community.

United Safety is a big supporter of what we do. This generous donation is so welcome. We wouldn’t be able to move ahead with our expanded vision without the support of companies like United Safety,” said Lori McRitchie, Executive Director of the Airdrie Food Bank.

To add to the excitement, an anonymous donor has pledged to donate $1 for every $2 raised. This effectively raises the company’s donation to CAD 30,000.

Our support doesn’t end here. Every year, we also organize challenges and food drives to encourage our employees to personally contribute to the Food Bank. Across the globe, we extend a positive reach into all the local communities where we work,” stated Daryl Helmer CFO at United Safety.

The cheque presentation was held on Thursday, November 7 at Airdrie Food Bank’s office. United Safety was represented by Daryl Helmer, CFO and Shayne McCallum, VP for Canada. Airdrie Food Bank was represented by Lori McRitchie, Executive Director and Lise Blanchette, Board President.