Upstream Oil and Gas Safety Services

From drilling inception to final well completion, United Safety plays an integral role in providing customized onsite safety solutions for both onshore and offshore operations. United Safety’s experience and reliability has been proven and tested by successfully executing large scale projects. A noteable example was a West Texas drilling project who’s scope, before United Safety won the business, was being executed by four separate companies. United Safety acted very quickly to provide a wide variety of equipment and services to each of the rigs, within a 3 week period, including H2S Advantage training, Breathing Air training, fit testing of personnel, rescue drills, safety equipment and safety supervision.

United Safety USA upstream operations support customers in the Permian Basin, Bakken, Eagle Ford and Marcellus reservoirs. United Safety focuses on providing technical service professionals, best in class processes and specialized equipment like the Mesh Guard™ and the Quazar™ gas detection systems, the UltraLite™ and the Air Qube™ breathing air storage units, and monitoring technology that allows site access control with the TeQ™ Shield.

Proven track record in:

• H2S and hazardous gas safety services
• H2S Advantage training, Breathing Air training and fit testing.
• Developing industry-leading equipment and process innovations
• Operating within Arctic, Desert, Tropical, and Oceanic environments
• Safety management of critical projects like Snubbing, Underbalanced Drilling, and Coiled Tubing
• Over 60 offshore production platforms, inclusive of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) units and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs)
• Forecasting project requirements
• Drilling, Workover and Completions Campaigns

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Provided breathing air for remote drilling sites without increasing costs or causing delays.

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