Added Value

Upstream oil and gas value added differentiators

United Safety’s value to their customers goes well beyond meeting requirements and standard industry expectations.

With over 29 years of innovation, United Safety has developed processes and systems that turn the management of safety services into a tool for increased efficiencies. Some examples of process include QCycle™, a mobile onsite QA/QC station that quickly turns equipment, Needs Assessment process which gives all stakeholders a comprehensive project safety scope overview, the Stewardship Report™ which highlights successes and areas of improvement for future projects and PeoplePath™, which ensures United Safety’s quality service is provided every time at the same quality level.

Another differentiator are our innovations, utilized with great success in upstream activities. Improvements have been developed in delivering breathing air, such as the High Pressure Delivery System™ and the Air II™ Manifold System, in addition to state-of-the-art gas detection innovations such as Quazar™ and the first Vehicle Gas Protection System, the Air Qruise™ Range.

United Safety