At United Safety, our innovations don’t stop with equipment. With our vast experience in over 789 turnarounds and shutdowns, we have studied where and how we can best effect a positive contribution to the overall success of any project. This has resulted in the creation of a number of proprietary processes that have transformed safety from a cost center to a profit center.

Some examples of our process innovations include SiteCourier™, an onsite dispatch system that reduces lost tool-time, QCycle™, a mobile QA/QC facility that quickly puts all safety equipment through a complete field maintenance cycle and re-deploys it for re-use. We innovate from the start of a project with our unique Needs Assessment process which gives all stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the project scope and deliverables and we end the project with a much appreciated Stewardship Report™ which is a report card and summary our key learnings from the project. This gives us and the client a clear idea of what was done well and what could be improved for the next project.

Although proprietary to United Safety, our processes remain flexible enough to adapt to our customer’s business models and changing environments. Our industry leading processes are designed to ensure you have everything from the right resources for your project, the efficient management of those resources, and accurate “project fit” cost control all the way to the capture of learning and improvements. We do this by listening to what the client wants, understanding their needs and devising methods to fulfill these goals.

As a component of our continuous improvement process, United Safety is always reviewing our current processes and developing new ones that answer our customers’ needs.

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