Added Value

United Safety’s value to our customers goes well beyond meeting requirements and standard industry Oil and Gas safety expectations.

In over 29 years of safety innovations and more than 789 turnarounds supported, we have developed processes and systems that turn the management of turnaround safety services into a tool for increased efficiencies. Some processes that we have developed include SiteCourier™, an onsite dispatch system that delivers the right safety resource to the right location at the right time, eliminating lost tool time that workers incur while fetching and returning equipment.

We also have an effective QCycle™ equipment management system in place that ensures that equipment is cleaned and inspected quickly after each use resulting in a reduced equipment inventory. Onsite Financial Administrators ensure that our project costs are kept under control and that the billing is efficient and accurate.

Another key differentiator is the quality of the people we hire and the intensive training and onboarding we provide to ensure that our personnel are ready to work the instant they step onto the client’s premises. Our Site Leadership consists of handpicked industry veterans who know how to manage our people and processes so you don’t have to.

The final component we use to add value to our services is innovative products, which help solve common challenges in the industry when it comes to breathing air delivery and gas monitoring and detection.

Added Value

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Personnel – Meeting the highest expectation in personnel.
Processes – Improving safety, enhancing productivity.
Innovation – Safety Innovations you can rely on.
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