Phillips 66“United Safety’s commitment to safety and customer service exceeded our expectations. In the initial stages of the project, it was apparent that the bid scope did not match the job being executed in the field. United Safety not only pointed out the problem, but came to the table with a good path forward. They could have used our mistake to their advantage, but they did not. The tracking system gave us real time cost reports resulting in over $7,000 in cost savings. The final report included a plot map that gave us information we need for future planning and shows your true commitment in providing us with the best and most cost effective service.”

Robert Glisson, Turnaround Planner /Coordinator, Phillips 66, 2012


BASF Corporation“United Safety exceeded our expectations for timely service, quality, equipment reliability and cost savings. The breathing air fixed system was very beneficial and saved BASF man-hours in lost time staging, relocating and refilling breathing air systems to perform work on critical pieces of stationary equipment. The tracking system allowed BASF to get a real time count and cost of the safety equipment being used at any given time. Your final report included suggestions for equipment rental and count to be used in future outages. This showed us your true commitment in providing BASF with the best and most cost effective service.”

James R. Stanley, Asst. Turnaround Mgr., BASF Corporation, 2011


CF Industries“Working with the United Safety staff at the Woodward Facility has been a pleasure. The United Safety staff was very safety-conscious and made certain that all confined spaces were properly prepared and all safety equipment needed was present. They were not hesitant to stop all work if there was a hazard present.

Debra Lawrence, Senior Project Engineer, Woodward Facility Turnaround, CF Industries, 2015


Terra Nitrogen“It was our pleasure to have United Safety at the shutdown of our #1 plant this year. United Safety did an excellent job as confined space /fire watch for our employees as well as the other contractors on site. They were always prepared and had their people ready and where they needed to be to complete the jobs, they also turn in a daily logs for start and stop times for all their people. United Safety has an extraordinary group of employees and we want to express our appreciation for the fantastic job they did.”

David Fox, Maintenance planner, Verdigris Nitrogen Complex, Terra Nitrogen L.P.


Kinder Morgan Inc“Regarding United Safety’s involvement in our 2015 turnaround, I would like to thank your personnel for a job well done. The project went well all week long and your personnel did a great job during our Confined Space Entries and followed all of our procedures. We thank United Safety for all their hard and safe work throughout our 2015 Turnaround.”

Johnny Cabrera Jr., E&C Tech Safety Coordinator, Fandango Gas Plant, Kinder Morgan Inc., 2015

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