Our People

The United Safety Difference

Trained personnel make all the difference. The United Safety difference is generated by how much we invest in a full-time recruitment and training department. Before our personnel reach your site we have attracted, selected, tested, hired and retained people who have the character required to be consciously engaged and positively impact those around them.

During drilling, completions and workovers

United Safety’s focus on our people does not end when they arrive at your site. During all operations, they receive continual on-the-job training, are regularly audited to ensure on-the-job competency, and are also supported by both onsite and executive management located in regional offices close to customer operations. We manage our people so you don’t have to!

“Step Up” Process

At United Safety, we engage our staff in continual development and training focused on both worksite experience and technical comprehension. United Safety identifies leadership candidates through ongoing audits and customer feedback. We then further invest in them through innovative and intensive training courses that give them the necessary tools to perform leadership roles. One such internal development program is called “Step Up”, a program that is composed of succeeding tiers of leadership hierarchy. Individuals at a leadership level will always have a background of the previous positions, which results in consistency

and a strong leadership culture. United Safety has found that this “Step Up” process allows for a strengthened range of core competencies to support, mentor and lead those who are less experienced.

Area Leadership (Management Support)

When unplanned events or project scope and schedule changes occur, our experienced site leaders have the skill, knowledge, experience and training to respond to changing safety resource requirements, avoiding negative effects like delays to your drilling program. Our onsite leaders are industry veterans; they know their way around a rig and they know how to talk to rig management. Their main objective is to successfully execute your plan and support your contractors to achieve excellence.

United Safety