Upstream Safety Processes

At United Safety, innovation doesn’t stop with equipment. A number of proprietary processes have been developed to transform safety from a cost center to a profit center for the customer.

Process Innovation takes place in all stages of a project. At the start of a project with United Safety applies a Needs Assessment process which gives all stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the project scope and deliverables, during the project the QCycle™, a mobile onsite QA/QC station, quickly puts all safety equipment through a complete field maintenance cycle for re-use, and at the end, the Stewardship Report™ gives stakeholders a clear retrospection on successes and areas for improvement.

Although proprietary to United Safety, the processes remain flexible enough to adapt to the customer’s business models and changing environments. These unique processes are designed to ensure:

  • Right deployment of resources
  • Efficient management of resources
  • Accurate “project fit” cost control
  • Capture of learning and improvements

This is done by listening to what the customer wants, understanding their needs and implementing methods to fulfill these goals.

Find out more about United Safety’s proprietary processes.

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