Air Qruise™ Solo

Air Qruise™ Solo

The Air Qruise™ Solo is a compact Personal Transport Vehicle. Equipped with Air Qruise™ technology, the Solo enables its users to operate safely in Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) environments.

The Solo’s onboard technology combined with its small footprint and powerful drive system allows personnel to work in constricted areas and other challenging environments.

The Air Qruise™ Solo serves as an efficient work platform with twin storage compartments that carry tools and provide breathing air to protect personnel from unexpected leaks and discharge of toxic gas. In an emergency, The Air Qruise™ Solo acts as an excellent egress vehicle that moves personnel out of the site quickly with the added security of easy access breathing air supply.

Work and move safely in toxic environments with the Air Qruise™ Solo.

Applications: Industrial and downstream, plant management, large scale operations


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