Air Qube™

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Innovative, versatile, capable and compact
Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint. It provides you with a flexible foundation for your breathing air delivery needs. More than one Air Qube™ can be connected, increasing storage and versatility and they can be stacked making it ideal in situations where space is premium. The units can be refi¬lled in place and easily transported. Air Qube™ is an innovation that solves transportation and supply interruption problems common to supplied air systems.

There are two sizes available depending on your air volume requirements. Air Qube™ has a capacity of 68,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs less than 14,000lbs and measures 10’x8’x10’H. Air Qube™ Mini comes with 34,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs 6,945lbs and measures 8’ x 6‘ x 8’H.

Air-Qube™ Technical Specification Technical Specification Air-Qube™ Mini Technical Specification Technical Specification

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