Breathing Air Systems

Breathing Air Systems

Proprietary to United Safety

United Safety is at the forefront of innovation in supplying high pressure breathing air systems to both onshore and offshore drilling and completion activities.

For offshore platforms, United Safety custom designs a breathing air solution that is unobtrusive and reliable, and ensures there is always breathing air available for all personnel.

United Safety has continually innovated to solve customer problems and deliver equipment that exceeds expectations, resulting in safety being an efficiency driver.

High Pressure Air Delivery System
Air II™ Station
Air Qube™
Air Trailer II
TCOM Compressor
Truck Mounted Breathing Air Storage Unit
Smart Pack
High Pressure Cascade Breathing Air System
Air TreQ™ Escape
Air II™ Flow

Vendor Partnerships

United Safety maintains strong relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of specialized equipment. The drive to innovation combined with a powerful partnership with leading equipment manufacturers has played a pivotal role in establishing United Safety as the leading global service provider in the safety business.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA)
Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA)

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