Gas Monitoring and Detection

The United Safety Difference

Large inventories, service centres, vendor certified technicians/ highly trained, no hidden charges, reliability, guy that brings it to site is proven competent, competitive prices, better service, long term pricing strategies, we’ll manage inventories and maintenance for a project (sensors have a shelf life, calibration…)

Personal Gas Detection

Gas Monitoring and DetectionAsk us about our huge inventory of personal gas detection devices; we have a detector that will suite your application and budget.

  • Ultra Rae
  • Gas Badge
  • Multigas Monitor
  • Sample Pump
  • Multigas Monitor with Pump
  • Bump Test Kit
  • Hand Aspirated Vapour Monitor

Fixed Gas Detection

Gas Monitoring and DetectionRanging from systems located inside plants and confined spaces, to systems monitoring air quality in areas surrounding the plant, we have the right system for your needs.

  • Quazar™
  • Stand Alone Remote Monitor
  • Plume Tracker
  • MeshGuard
  • Guardian Monitor
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