Data for better decisions

Data can give you insights into various aspects of your business. From enhancing productivity to enabling better planning and mitigating risk factors, understanding and analyzing data generated can result in numerous value-added benefits for the company. Some of the key benefits of data and analytics include:

Enhancing productivity:

Improving worker productivity is a key concern for companies. By detecting idle time, tracking when equipment is active and for how long, keeping track of project status and man-hours and tracking manpower activity, a number of strategies can be devised to improve productivity by reducing idle time and increasing efficiency and tool time.

Better planning:

By analyzing past data, better estimations on manpower requirement and task durations can be made. This further enables identifying methods of improvement.

Mitigating risk:

All incidents that occur on site are recorded. This ensures that managers are made clearly aware of what caused an incident and measures can be put in place to avoid them from occurring again. All personnel infractions are highlighted and managers have all the information needed to take corrective action to mitigate risks accordingly.

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