Effective onshore and offshore rig safety is maintained by safety specialists with years of training and experience.  These team of experts include Process Excellence Supervisors, Hazardous Gas Safety Specialists, Operations Technical Coordinator, Safety Technicians to name a few.

Upstream Site Specialists Hazardous Gas Safety

Hazardous Gas Safety Specialist (inclusive of H2S Safety Specialist)

United Safety’s Hazardous Gas Safety Specialist is experienced in providing safety supervision onsite where the possibility of ..

Upstream Site Specialists  Operations Technical Coordinator

Operations Technical Coordinator

The Operations Technical Coordinator with years of industry experience uses the “listen to the customer” philosophy to gain a complete understanding of the challenges.

Upstream site specialistsProcess Excellence Supervisor

Process Excellence Supervisor

The Process Excellence Supervisor is there to successfully execute the plan and support onsite personnel to achieve operational excellence.

Upstream site specialists Safety Technician

Safety Technician (HSE)

With the increasing focus on effective HSE initiatives, there is a growing demand by the Oil & Gas industry for onsite implementation in addition to established policies and procedures.

United Hybrid Professional

United Hybrid Professional

Increasingly, United Safety customers are asking for a new kind of safety role, one that combines a Hazardous Gas Safety Specialist with a Safety Technician.

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Emergency Response

Planning and preparedness is key to managing emergencies onsite. There is a detailed emergency response plan in the event of something going wrong, but an experienced team is in place to ensure that it does not become necessary.

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