The Stewardship Report™ is United Safety’s moment to share observations on customer’s internal processes and personnel, as well as, offer a transparent breakdown of where the customer payments are invested within United Safety.

Continuity of Learnings and Services

The report identifies successful processes and improvement opportunities to be utilized for upcoming projects.

360 Degree Look-Back

The 360 degree Look-Back summary is useful for examining how personnel performed during the project. It is the ideal opportunity to capture highlights and improvement opportunities of the project. The deliverable is a series of solutions and suggestions that provide a continuity of service from one project to the next.

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Site Specialists

Effective onshore and offshore rig safety is maintained by safety specialists with years of training and experience. These team of experts include Process Excellence Supervisors, Hazardous Gas Safety Specialists, Operations Technical Coordinator, Safety Technicians to name a few.

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