Customers are faced with the challenges of protecting their people, community, assets and the environment. These challenges can be met with United Safety’s innovative problem solving team and products. Whether the challenge is distance, close communities, sensor configuration, communication or advance warning, United Safety has demonstrated the ability to design and implement solutions that are both flexible and comprehensive.

Upstream - Revolutionary perimeter and community monitoring system Quazar™


Revolutionary perimeter and community monitoring system

Upstream mobile gas tracking and monitoring system Plume Tracker™


Ideal solution for first response on gas release

Find out Downstream Gas Monitoring and Detection System Plume Tracker™


United Safety’s proprietary remote community notification system.

Upstream MeshGuard™ Gas Detection & Monitoring System

MeshGuard™ Gas Detection & Monitoring System

The wireless MeshGuard™ gas detection monitoring system is a key building block of the MeshGuard™ intelligent network of connected sensors for gas detection. 

Vendor Partnerships

United Safety maintains strong relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of specialized equipment. The drive to innovation combined with a powerful partnership with leading equipment manufacturers has played a pivotal role in establishing United Safety as the leading global service provider in the safety business.

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Mobile Gas Protection Systems

With the increasing size and remoteness of onshore exploration and drilling sites, protecting personnel in toxic environments without compromising on mobility is an increasingly complicated challenge. Our Air Qruise™ Range consolidates gas detection and monitoring with breathing air capabilities on the move.

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