Planning and preparedness is key to managing emergencies onsite. There is a detailed emergency response plan in the event of something going wrong, but an experienced team is in place to ensure that it does not become necessary.

Emergency and Rescue Equipment

It is absolutely imperative that emergency equipment is ready to go the instant you need it. You can depend on us for a huge inventory of emergency and rescue equipment that’s ready when you are.

Below is a list of our emergency and rescue equipment :

  • Additional Alarm Systems
  • Fixed Monitoring Systems
  • Tank Cleaning Unit®
  • Truck and Trailer Combination
  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • Tri-Pod and Winch
  • Emergency Shower Unit

Emergency Rescue Services

Emergency Rescue Services

Working in the Oil and Gas industry comes with a set of known and unknown risks. One way to minimize these risks and keep people safe is to be thoroughly prepared in times of emergency.

Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Coordinators

Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Coordinators

Onshore Emergency Response Plans (ERP) have Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) that identify the offsite areas of concern during a gas release.

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