United Safety site leadership personnel is consistently appreciated for their experience and agility in responding to unplanned events and scope/schedule changes, and mitigating negative effects to critical path by anticipating problems before they happen.

This difference is generated by both their required years of industry experience, and their selection because of demonstrated communication skills; our site leaders know their way around a plant turnaround, and they know how to talk to plant management. Our site leadership is there to successfully execute your plan and support your contractors to achieve excellence.

Leadership Training

United Safety identifies leadership candidates from among our employees through ongoing audits and customer feedback. We then further invest in them through innovative training courses that will give them the necessary tools to perform leadership roles. All leadership training that we perform is done through internal trainers who are subject matter experts through years of experience and exposure.

“Step Up” Process

Our model of training focuses on both experience and comprehension, so that within each succeeding tier of our leadership hierarchy individuals carry over the experience of their previous position. United Safety has found that this “step up” process allows for a strengthened core of competencies to support, mentor and lead those who are less experienced.

Downstream Solutions General Foreman

General Foreman

The general foreman will keep your onsite operations running smoothly

Downstream Solutions Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers play a key role in ensuring the smooth delivery of our services, with maximum efficiencies, during a project.

Site Leadership Safety Advisor

Safety Advisor

The Safety Advisor recommends best practices on the ground and ensures that workers follow the safety rules set out by the company.

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Emergency Response Personnel

Planning and preparedness is key to managing emergencies onsite. There is a detailed emergency response plan in the event of something going wrong, but an experienced team is in place to ensure that it does not become necessary.

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