Pre-turnaround Services

Proper planning and training before a turnaround or shutdown ensures a smooth process during the event itself. The Needs Assessment will ensure a clear understanding of the job scope and client expectations of a project and has been proven to reduce unplanned costs. Proper training and onboarding of contractors prior to the turnaround ensures smooth permitting and reduces delays and bottlenecks when the turnaround begins.

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Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment is a process used to review the work with key plant management stakeholders prior to all turnarounds.

Project Billing – Real time billing reporting

Project Billing

United Safety’s Onsite Finance Administrators play a critical role in ensuring that we control our costs and communicate accurate, timely invoicing to our client.

Training and Onboarding Needs Assessment

Training and Onboarding

United Safety lets your people concentrate on their core focus turnaround activities while we deliver high quality, enthusiastic training from people who do it for a living.

Post-turnaround Services

Capture learnings and best practices from the turnaround to ensure an even more successful one the next time. This gives all stakeholders a clear idea of what was done well and what could be improved for the next project.

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Stewardship Report™ – Post-turnaround Services

Stewardship Report™

The Stewardship Report™ is United Safety’s chance to share our observations on client’s internal processes & people as well as offer a transparent view of what investments and reinvestments United Safety makes with the money paid for services.

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Site Leadership Personnel

Turnaround safety is managed by the Site Leadership. The safety of your turnaround will be led by an experience team of professionals including Site Leadership, Project Managers and the General Foreman.

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