The SiteCourier™ dispatch system is an innovative way to deliver safety resources during a turnaround or shutdown; SiteCourier™ delivers safety resources to your craft labor in the location where they are going to do the work, and it fetches it back when the job is finished. Whether it is gas detection devices, breathing equipment or safety personnel being managed by SiteCourier™, the significant lost tool time per shift that workers incur fetching and returning safety equipment is eliminated.

For both planned requirements determined prior to start of task set-up, and unplanned requirements called-in, equipment is delivered and rigged-in by qualified dispatch personnel. Once a job is completed, a call to dispatch results in the same equipment being rigged-out and managed by the same dispatch personnel. Returned equipment is delivered to our mobile onsite QA/QC facility called QCycle™, where it undergoes a complete field maintenance cycle; it is cleaned, disinfected, inspected and tested before being re-deployed. This added value allows equipment to be used multiple times per shift reducing overall project inventory requirements.

Constant Communication

A direct benefit of the SiteCourier™ dispatch system is the constant communication with user groups it affords for the coordination of what, when and where equipment and personnel is needed. Instead of visiting a distribution trailer on the other side of the site to retrieve necessary equipment, craft labor go directly to work site where safety resources are waiting. Critically the system gives real-time monitoring and reporting of resources available to respond to ongoing or emergency requests.

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