Our Safety Watch personnel are trained to understand the implications and importance of their job. They understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to do it correctly. And if there are any questions, our supervisors will be on hand to answer them and manage our personnel. Like all United Safety personnel, they have a strong sense of safety culture ingrained in them.

Our Safety Watch personnel are trained in confined space entry watch, spark watch, respiratory protection, area watch and gas testing. Our in-house Safety Watch training greatly surpasses our competitors, a fact that our existing clients have valued and acclaimed time and again. It is no wonder that United Safety is often called upon to supply dozens or even hundreds of Safety Watch for industrial turnarounds and shutdowns.

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QA/QC Process – QCycle™

United Safety’s QA/QC process, called QCycle™ can greatly reduce the amount of equipment required as it is cycled much more efficiently and used multiple times per shift.

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